Deep Refresh™ At-Home IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset

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“Wow 😍 this is what i have been looking for forever… I know what to put under my christmas tree this year.” – Jennifer L.


✓ Deliver results in just 3-4 weeks.
✓ Completely pain-free & safe.
✓ Takes just minutes to use.
✓ One time purchase, no refills necessary.
✓ $2000’s & 300hrs saved per year on salons.


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* Try It Risk-Free For 90 Days. Don’t Like It. Just Return It.

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Our beauty innovation, the ipl laser hair remover is your secret weapon for smooth skin.

Imagine getting hair removal done in a quick, easy and affordable way in the comfort of your home. That’s totally possible using this handset. It’s easy to use, visible results in a couple of weeks with just a fraction of price of medsalons. Just check out reviews below.

“Clinically Proven” Beauty-Tech

There are over 1.5 million women all over the world are now using IPL since it has been available in specialist salons in 1997. Deep Refresh™, derived from this professional IPL technology, makes laser hair removal to be done in the comfort of your home.

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The Fabulous Benefits You’ll Love

Why Choose Deep Refresh™ ?

#Hair Removal Made Simple by Deep Refresh In a Quick, Easy & Affordable Way.

Easy, Fast & Effective

The visible results of hair growth and reduction can be seen after 3-4 sessions, only 3-8 min per time. Most people see a 94% reduction in hair regrowth after 7-9 treatments. Thousands of dollars can be saved while with the same salon effects.


Advanced Ice Cooling Tech

With our advanced ice cooling technology, it can instantly decrease temperature on your skin surface from 70  to 15 degrees. It avoids the burning sensation and makes you feel painless & comfortable. 


 Manual & Auto Mode

Available with two modes for flexible using on full body. Manual mode is suitable for small areas, such as face, underarm and bikini line. Auto mode performs better in large areas like arms, legs, chest and back.

One Device for Full-body

Last only 3-8 minutes per treatment. 

% of women satisfied with hair reduction

— report based on 97 users, 3 weeks use.


Wow 😍 See the Amazing Results!

Real People. Real Results

Bella S. – Week 6

Already after 6 uses, one session per week and I’ve noticed the hair on my bikini isn’t growing as fast which is quite impressive. I absolutely recommend this to everyone, but especially transwomen because hair removal is imperative to many of us to help ease our dysphoria. You’ll save TONS of money. Lowest laser hair removal I was quoted was $200/treatment and it was just for the face – no neck. If you want to use it on the rest of your body like I am then you’ll easily save thousands going this route.

Camille D. – Week 6

I’ve had laser hair removal in a salon before but the time between appointments and the cost made me not want to continue. I was happily surprised by this device within 6 weeks. I love that I’m in full control and can do my entire body myself. I started on my armpits and it’s making a big difference. Can be time consuming on larger areas but worth every second.

Winifred T. – Week 8

I have seen a big difference in the hair growth on my hands and under arm. The hair on my hands is almost non existent. I used it 2 times a week and now I just use it once a week just to keep up the routine. I must say have patience because you won’t see results until after the first 2 weeks but it was worth it, rather than having to pay thousands at the salons you can do it in the comfort and privacy of your own home. A must buy.

George L. – Week 10

Impressed by the professional design, and simple easy to use steps! Results have been nothing short of incredible. I absolutely love this product! I have used it 10-12 times and I’ve already noticed a huge difference in hair growth and also hair colour. It grows back much lighter and thinner which I love! Not sure it is everlasting, but so far so good.

The Process: Here Is What To Expect

Always believe that something amazing is coming.

treating expectations
the procedure of laser hair removal

So Simple To Use. 


Yes, it was clinically proven safe!

There have been a large number of studies around the world which proved the safety and effectiveness of IPL for hair removal. Due to this fact, it has become an extremely popular safe and effective method of hair removal.

Not at all.

The non-invasive and gentle advantages of our Handset makes it pain-free. Most customers explain the feeling as a experience a mild warmth or tingling sensation on the skin.


Most customers notice a reduction of hair growth after just 3-4 weeks of treatments done just once per week, and complete results after 12 weeks.

Your hair will grow back slower and sparser after each treatment until eventually turning into a permanent reduction of hair growth.

We recommend using it once a week for the first 2 months. And after that, 1-2 sessions per month based on your results. You can keep on using it to keep your silky skin.

Yes. It can be used for full body. The manual mode is good for small body area, while the auto mode is good for large area like legs, chest, back etc. 

DON’T use them:

  • Near your eyes (though the upper lip is OK).
  • Over tattoos or pigmented areas, including moles.
  • In the genital area (but you can safely target the bikini line).

Yes, we recommend to shave the area that you want to target to avoid unpleasant odor and damage to your Lumea.

Our handset is suitable for all but certain skin tones and/or hair root colors.

Check out the following chart to see if our IPL will work for you.


Yes, we ship worldwide.

The device has one year warranty and we are sure you’ll love it so we offer a 90 day money-back guarantee. 

Goodbye hair. Hello smooth skin!😍

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Customer Reviews

Based on 151 reviews
Amanda H.
I recommend 100%

After 10 weeks of use, I can say that I feel satisfied with the product, if it fulfills its function, the important thing is to be constant with use. I leave pictures of the before and the now. I recommend 100%

Sophia L.
Good product.

I've been using it for three weeks. It works very well. The hairs have become significantly thinner during this time and grow much more slowly. So far, I have used less than 1000 flashes. Very good product.

Sara S.
Classic white looks really nice

Now the best time to prepare for the next summer.

Jasmine F.
Can take a while but happy

I think you need some patience to use this product as it can take 15-20 minutes to do both legs. To be frank, I don't care how long it takes to use because the end result is much better than getting proper lazer sessions in terms of costs.

Martha F.

Had been getting laser done on both Brazilian and underarms by a professional company and didn't want to pay $150+ per treatment for my legs so after a lot of research I chose deep refresh out of the many other IPL companies as it seemed much more reliable and legitimate! I have honestly seen such a difference, I use it every two weeks and I've already started to notice my leg hairs are taking much longer to grow back and I'm so excited to see where they are at in a few more months!

Vanessa S.
Works like a charm!

I have been getting a woman beard the last 10 years from hormonal changes (menopause). It is the worst! When the hairs grow back in, then acne has followed. It has made me feel so ugly at times. So I researched A LOT and this seemed to be a great price point and effective. I have used it for a month now on my chin and underarms and I am thrilled with the results! The first two weeks I used it every other days then now twice a week for hair cycles. Most hair is gone! I am fair soinned and in places where the sun kissed my skin this summer, it still works well. I wish I took pictures for you to see the big difference this has made!

Melissa H.
4 weeks with good results

I've had laser hair removal done professionally on my underarms, but didn't want to pay the cost of having my legs done. I had my doubts about a home system and decided to try it out on just my right leg for a few weeks. After 4 weeks my right leg is smooth 3 days after shaving and my left leg is... not. I hope you can see in the picture. It really works and I'm so impressed!

Antonio Z.
Well received

Well received and well packaged, waiting to try it

Kelly Z.
It has made a difference!

A friend recommended this product after a long time of battling with razors. I finally decided to have a go. The product did exactly what it said it does. The customer service was second to none. Thanks

Adam L.
Personal Care made easy with this

First of all, the deep refresh ipl was delivered on time and the packaging was in excellent condition.
This is the perfect gift for anyone who is serious about hair removal and getting results that actually work. No more salon visits and throwing your hard-earn money away! I decided to purchase this unit for my wife since she had mentioned how much she would like to own one. She was spending $155 per session/full arms and legs and for a monthly package (5 sessions) $775. After a few sessions (3rd week 3 times per week), the results have been impressive. Simple plug, wear the eye protection (included with the packaging) and choose your energy level based on your skin tone. 100% painless. The hair in her legs stills grows, however; the pace which the hair grows has been reduced significantly. As a result, she is shaving less and not having to shave every other day. My wife is happy. We can expect that the longer she continues with the instructed applications, the better results will she get. We highly recommend this product.

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Deep Refresh™ At-Home IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset

$129.00$159.00 (-47%)

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